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Why We Like the Pure Wand: The Pure Wand is hands down the most versatile massager on the market today. If you were trapped on a desert island this is the prostate massager that you would want….hands down.
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Boasting 1.5 pounds of hard, curving, glistening stainless steel, Njoy Pure Wand is more than a sex toy; it is sexual evolution. Asymmetrical tapering and weight dispersion along with a perfectly designed curve. Enjoy endless and nearly effortless mind-blowing G-spot and anal play orgasms. Deep penetrating massage and satisfying weight of the Pure Wand will leave you, or your partner, coming back for more. Works great as a massager for a stiff neck. Effective as a Kegel exerciser too. With so many uses, it will be a toy to cherish for years to come. Medical Grade Stainless Steel material is resilient and durable for a lifetime of use. Hand polished to a mirror shine. Completely body-safe, Phthalate free, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. Waterproof for fun in and out of water and easy clean up. Compatible with all lubes. Excellent temperature retention; heat or cool it for extra stimulation. Measures 7.5″ for a comfortable reach to hit your sweet spot with its’ two 1″ and 1.5″ diameter balls. Beautiful satin lined box included for safe-keeping.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.5 x 1 inches ; 4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
  • ASIN: B000QUYT6A
  • UPC: 844087061413

Customer Reviews

Just buy it. Really…

 January 4, 2012
By GoatNoise
You are probably thinking this review is way too long for a sex toy, but I like to be thorough. Now if you are here you have probably heard all the rave reviews on this beauty. So really my work here is probably done, but just in case you haven’t here’s my perspective.

I spent weeks debating on whether to get this. I thought it would be too small/too big for me to enjoy it, the curve was too extreme, and I just couldn’t possibly justify the cost. Oh trust me, you can justify it, and you will love every single inch of it. First off the packaging, since this is what you will encounter first. It’s pure black, with the njoy logo in silver on the bottom left corner. Inside is stiff foam lined with bright pink satin, with a little indent that makes it easy to pull the wand out. It’s really sturdy packaging and even though 1.5 lbs of steel probably doesn’t need it and the pink isn’t my favorite color in the world, it’s still a great storage case.

Next the wand itself. It’s 1.5 LBS of gorgeous, mirror finish, surgical STEEL!! The large end measures exactly 1.5 inch diameter, with the small end ringing in at an inch. The middle tapers from end to end as I am sure you can see from the photos. I didn’t think that there was such a difference in 0.5 inches, but there is a big difference. It feels heavy, solid, and you just know you will never have to replace it. For a sex toy that’s saying something so let me repeat. YOU NEVER HAVE TO REPLACE THIS TOY. I know I don’t have to worry about leaving this around, it looks like a piece of art, and if someone knows what it is they probably own it so I can raise questions of my own. You can sterilize it like no other because it’s steel, I am talking boiling, bleaching, sanitizing, soap and water, toy cleaner, and whatever else you can think of. Which also means that any kind of lube is available for use with this toy, and it only requires a tiny little bit if any at all.

As for use, this thing will blow your socks off and make you squirt. It’s what this toy is known for, making women squirt. I suggest a towel or waterproof blanket, because females will be gushing, sometimes without even an orgasm which is a new experience. Be prepared for a learning curve. It isn’t like a normal dildo, it takes a bit of time to figure out how best to use it in a way that you will be thanking Njoy personally for coming out with it. I first walked away from it frustrated and worried I made a bad choice, but once you get it though the toy is amazing. I also want to say that it’s perfect for temperature play. As you probably already know metal retains it’s temperature beautifully, I actually got it a little too hot the first time and had to cool it down a little before I could use it. The end that’s not in use is a great handle since this thing will never, and probably should never, be fully inserted. The curve also makes the ‘handle’ end more ergonomic.

Tip for use: Use the curve to your advantage and push towards your stomach, once you feel it firmly there pull it slowly in and out until you find your G-spot then do a sort of rocking motion against it.

Now for cons because yes, there are a few but it should NOT hinder your choice in buying. I just thought you should be aware. First off this dildo is steel, so it’s going to be cold. I mean you will probably always need to warm it up before use unless you are into the cold thing. This isn’t a bad thing per say, but it is kind of annoying when you just want to go without running to a faucet (fastest way I have found). There is a little problem with the shape, it’s curved which feels great, but the curve is so drastic that it gets in the way of clitoris stimulation. Now it IS manageable to still use a vibrator on your clitoris while you use it, but it takes a little bit of trial and error. Now the weight was a blessing and a curse. You will want to play for a while when you use this, and the weight wears your arms out, but it feels great. Think of it as an extremely pleasurable work out. Other problem with the weight is it happens to make it fall side to side unless your hand is on the ‘handle’ end keeping it up right.

I haven’t tried it anally, and I probably won’t for a while if ever because it’s not really my thing, but I like knowing I have the option and I hear it’s great for both males and females.

I honestly will probably never buy another dildo for a very long time. For me, that’s saying something, but I don’t see my ADHD self getting bored with this… Ever… You can only have it if you pull it from my cold dead hands and EVERYONE should own one.

HOT Diggity Dawg!

 May 14, 2010
By T. Barnett
Wow! This is a great toy. Just really, simply, awesome.

When I received this toy (bday gift from my hubby) I was so excited, I had read a few reviews and thought that I’d really like to try this one for myself. The box is simple and doesn’t attract attention and when you open it, laying in a pretty pink satin bed is this giant curved barbell that makes you go WOW. And then to hold it…24oz of solid stainless, smooth and shiny. A bit intimidating at first, but only for a moment.

The design is perfect, it naturally hits all the right buttons. The weight insures plenty of preasure without discomfort. The curved design makes it easy to manipulate by yourself or allows your spouse to help and can easily be moved as little or as much as you want/need.

Of all the toys I’ve owned, this one is by far the best. Won’t break, doesn’t need batteries, is versatile and easy to take care of. The only complaint I have is why didn’t they think of this sooner?

2 thumbs way way up!


 December 26, 2012
By Tanquam
OMG!! The amazing thing is, the simplicity of this product, but the screaming, sheet soaking orgasms that followed. JUST GET IT!!

great, but not the least expensive ejaculating toy..

 November 26, 2013
By james i
7/2014 Update below!

So I’d say that I consider my sex life high on my list of priorities. After reading about this toy for a little while, and having a lady that I can make ejaculate, I decided to get one and see for myself if the njoy wand lives up to the hype. Is it effective? yes. Is it better designed to stimulate the g-spot better than any toy I have seen? yes. does the weight help, YES. Is it better for the woman if a guy uses his fingers in the technique many are aware of….yes.

There are only a few female ejaculating toys I would suggest to try, and this one is the most expensive. The first choice would be the wildfire slimline G…which has a large head (makes it hard to miss the g-spot) and firm plastic overall body. And then there is the less effective don wand bent graduate glass toy. Smaller head, not as easy or effective, but it might work for you. If you have tried these, or the extra money is not an issue and you think the weight of this stainless steel toy would be preferred, than splurge away. I think the bent graduate is our least favorite, and the njoy wand and wildfire slimline g are tied, with this costing about $60 more. The choice is yours…. have fun!

7/2014 update:

I try to return the favor when I can for all of the great amazon reviewers that have helped me to make better purchases. After a recent experience I felt this review needed a refresher – Here goes..

I think people can sometimes not give something enough of a chance. We had only tried this toy a few times, and even though it was good, it didn’t quite fit my expectations relative to the glowing reviews here on amazon. After that, it sat in the proverbial nightstand for maybe 6 months or a year barely touched. Well, I want to say to the ladies out there, keep trying with this one! Have an “o” first, and then give this one a fair chance. Once a woman is relaxed, it opens the door for even better orgasms! It was very intimate, very intense, and now I think of this toy as worth every penny.
It is very difficult to hit the g-spot right when a lady is playing solo, but because of the curve .. you’ll even be able to ejaculate solo with this toy! Bottom line, I think the njoy deserves 10 stars for solo play. no batteries required..

Don’t even read my review, just order this now.

 October 7, 2014
By Clairex
I don’t even know what to say here. Just… buy this. It’s expensive, it’s a little weird/different from most of these types of products, people say there’s a “learning curve”, so maybe you’re having trouble justifying purchasing something you don’t know for sure you will like… believe me, I had the same concerns and doubts, and read countless blogs and reviews before going for it. JUST DO IT. Put it in your cart, don’t look back. Maybe you start off not really knowing what you’re doing with this, that’s okay, just enjoy the sensation – the temperature play and starting out with it cold is really interesting. It’s also awesome because it’s totally sterilizable. Use it alone for sure (the rocking motion does the trick), but DEFINITELY use it with a partner. My husband has never been totally sure about toys until using this on me. Now, he’s the one that routinely suggests it! Give it a chance and just play around… you’ll figure out what works best for you and you’ll wonder what took you so long to get one. Don’t be discouraged if it wasn’t everything you hoped for the first several times you use it – just relax. Use a vibrator too and you’ll have a hard time ever getting out of bed again.

An additional benefit

 October 17, 2014
By Liplicious
Straight man here. This made me feel STONED! I’ve only used it for sexy solo masturbation, and I think I needed to turn it around (I had it pointed up like a wagging dog’s tail, not down like a droopy one). But (butt?)… in the 30 minutes after I used it, I felt a delicious post-orgasm afterglow through my legs and torso like I’d never felt before. Thought only women were supposed to experience those.

And moreover, for about two hours afterward, I felt the most relaxed I think I’ve ever felt in my life. I just turned into jello. I’ve tried anal before with fingers, but this was something else entirely. Like being high is supposed to make you feel, without the stupid/paranoia/inability to drive/lung issues. Highly recommended.

Valentine’s Day will NEVER be the same….

 February 18, 2013
By M. Green "BigDreamerBoy"
My wife would have NEVER bought something like this to bring into our bedroom even though we have experimented with typical sex toys like vibrators and even a Lelo Gigi for G spot stimulation (BTW yes Virginia there really IS a g spot for women), but I started “preparing” her for a new toy for Valentine’s Day and even wrote an erotic story about a couple using THIS toy and showed her a few videos. Well I ordered the Pure Wand and it came right on schedule and my wife calls me at work after it came to the front door and said she would take a look at it later. Well I got a text message from her and she said she put the baby down for a nap and had our older son “busy” and she was going to take a peek at the new toy. Well 25 mins later I get a phone call and all I can say was the first thing out of her mouth was “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!” and it startled me and I said “What is wrong?” and she said that new toy is AMAZING!!! and I asked “So you did more than just peek huh?” and she replied “Oh yeah way more!!!” And for the whole coming weekend she was so pumped that it got used several times and she demonstrated it to me and I got to say if you want to get a toy that is going to help bring new life into your marriage bed then I’d HIGHLY recommend this one. BTW she wants to “help” me learn how to use it for prostate massage and I’m thinking about it…..

I am not always around.

 November 5, 2014
By Derik
Bought this as a gift for my woman,and I bought it entirely based off of reviews. This is the first thing I have ever bought for her,in regards to toys. I found her secrete toy years ago…not a problem. Although she was embarrassed,I didn’t trip. I got this as a surprise for her to enjoy,and to reiterate that it is ok to have her fun when I am away. She showers it,in what seems to me as genuine praise,and even though it just arrived at her place,she is showering it in praise…,…LITERALLY.
That is all I need to hear.

I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

 April 10, 2014
By Ali
Don’t let the price hold you back, its worth every penny and more. You just can put a price on a hard orgasm. Its heavy but the weight adds to the overall performance and feel when using it. You don’t need vibration to have an incredibly hard orgasm and this toy proves it. We have a wide variety of vibrators, glass toys etc and none can compete with the pleasure this toy provides. This toy makes us feel as if we wasted money on all that other junk. The best part is you can take it in the shower, bath tub, hot tub and more.

Hits the spot

 November 24, 2013
By R
Hits the spot, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing. I’m really enjoying this. Has a satisfying weight to it. I like it.

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